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Todos descolam sem problemas com F0 desde que haja pista suficiente mas a sustentação fica (mais) comprometida com contaminação
Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it.

Salvador Dali

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E cá está... isto é o que temos a voar dentro de alguns cockpits...

Fokker 100 Bek Air accident at Almaty follow up:

On Jan 10th 2020 the investigation commission held a press conference stating, that both cockpit voice and flight data recorders have been successfully read out. First preliminary results point into the direction of icing as most probable cause. The captain was pilot flying, the first officer pilot monitoring. Prior to departure de-icing was only partially applied, the commander decided to not de-ice the wings. There were no aircraft or aircraft system failures, all aircraft systems operated normally. After commencing takeoff the aircraft became airborne but began to roll left and right, the left wing tip touched the runway. The aircraft sank back onto the runway. The first officer called to reject takeoff and retarted the thrust levers, the captain called "no need", advanced thrust levers and continued takeoff stating "Let's go, Let's go!". About 7 seconds later the commander instructs gear up, in the following the aircraft touched the runway 6 times with the tail, 4 times with the landing gear and one time with the wing. Mass and balance was within limits, the wind was stable blowing to the left of the runway, a special situation thus could not have developed on the runway, any wake turbulence from the preceding departure about 110 seconds prior to the Fokker 100 was blown to the left of the runway, therefore icing is the main theory. There are parallels with accidents in France 2007, see Report: Regional F100 at Pau Pyrenees on Jan 25th 2007, crashed on take off due to contaminated wings as well as an accident in Skopje 1993 (Pal Air F100 PH-KXL taking the lives of 83 of 102 people due to loss of roll control as result of ice contaminated wings).
Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it.

Salvador Dali


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