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had reconhece ajudas de estado ás 3 do Golfo,mas contra-ataca num artigo sobre as ajudas concedidas ás Cªs Americanas:

"WASHINGTON — It’s not just Middle Eastern airlines that are showered with benefits from their governments, Etihad Airways executives said Thursday evening.

The airline issued a report at 7 p.m. saying the U.S. government has extended more than $70 billion in benefits to American, Delta and United airlines in the past 15 years.

They arrive at the figure by adding up what they say are the total debts that the companies, and smaller airlines they’ve previously merged with, were allowed to not pay as a result of Chapter 11 federal bankruptcy protection.

The total also includes pension relief provided by the U.S. Congress over the years, the airline said.

“This is going to be attacked,” said Etihad general counsel Jim Callaghan, who flew in from Abu Dhabi to oversee the release of the report.

It comes just hours before the chief executive officers of America, United and Delta will headline a Friday luncheon at the National Press Club. There, they are expected to once against make their case that Qatar and two other Gulf-based carriers have financed their rapid expansion through some $42 billion in loan guarantees and other hidden subsidies.

“Obviously, because it’s the elephant in the room,” Callaghan continued. “If you want to talk about an even playing field, you just can’t leave out the assistance that the American airlines have received.

“The fact is, bankruptcy and pension laws in the U.S. have enabled three carriers that were bankrupt to survive to become not just the largest carriers in America, but also the largest in the world.”

“Let’s have a little bit of balance to the debate,” he said.

The three U.S. airlines are now enjoying record profits, but were in and out of bankruptcy for years prior the latest merger, when American and U.S. Airways joined to leap to the top of the rankings to become the largest airline in the world.

But the airlines, and many outside observers, too, have said the benefits provided by bankruptcy protection are government subsidies. Writing about business travel for the Economist in March, one writer put it this way:

“That is an unfair comparison. Chapter 11 restructurings do not involve equity injections by the taxpayer. They are restructurings conducted under the watchful eye of an independent judiciary.”

But in a subsequent editorial in April, the magazine said the U.S. airlines were being hypocritical.

Much of that largesse ended long ago. But a tax break on aviation fuel that benefited Delta by tens of millions of dollars a year got the chop only this month, after a vote in Georgia, where the carrier is based. And if the Gulf states’ ban on unions, which keeps labour cheap, constitutes an “artificial” advantage, as the American carriers claim, then perhaps America’s business-friendly bankruptcy law, which has let its airlines shed pensions and other liabilities, counts as one too?

America’s three biggest international airlines have good reason to be worried: the Gulf “super-connectors” have been gobbling up European carriers’ market share on long-haul routes to Asia, have made inroads into fast-growing African markets and are now steadily extending their route maps to American cities. But there are many good reasons, besides generous state owners, why the super-connectors are doing so well: the advantageous positioning of their home bases, between Europe and Asia; their superior service and slick marketing; and their fleets of efficient new planes.
So far, the U.S. artiness have seen an outpouring of support from members of Congress. Whether the votes that count most, those at the Department of State and Transportation Department and in the White House, have already been cast is anybody’s guess. The U.S. said it’s evaluating the claims and will report back, likely this summer.

On Friday, the three CEOs will team up to deliver their version of a stump speech."
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Mais trabalho e menos conversa, já cheira mal esta choradeira dos Americanos.


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 sou também da mesma opinião, apenas acrescentaria mais uma coisa, mais apoio ao cliente, pois tenho lido inúmeras queixas sobre a qualidade do serviço das US3.
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Alex, sou também da mesma opinião, apenas acrescentaria mais uma coisa, mais apoio ao cliente, pois tenho lido inúmeras queixas sobre a qualidade do serviço das US3.

Alex, sou também da mesma opinião, apenas acrescentaria mais uma coisa, mais apoio ao cliente, pois tenho lido inúmeras queixas sobre a qualidade do serviço das US3.

Exatamente, como é que eles querem competir com as ME3 se usam aviões com idade avançada e o serviço é péssimo, por exemplo a UA/Continetal usa para Lisboa o 757 assim como para algumas cidades Europeias, depois queixam-se. Por exemplo se tivesse que ir a Nova York aqui de Lisboa, mais depressa ia na TAP do que na UA/CO, ao menos o produto TAP é melhor e avião melhor, é aqui que com a privatização se o Neelman ganhar pode fazer a diferença, como um melhor produto, aviões novos, melhor atendimento ao cliente etc.
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