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E qual parte seria para a Boeing? A parte civil, imagino? Acho ainda pior em termos de percecao publica (que é o que mais interessa pro caso).
Acho que o que podera safar o negocio é o facto do Temer nao ser candidato as eleicoes, pelo que podera tomar medidas mais impopulares e com os candidatos todos a demarcaram-se da medida.
Ou a 3G compra a Embraer e depois entrar numa parceria alargada com a Boeing, e assim sempre fica brasileira na mesma. É falar com o sr. Buffet, ele agora ate ja gosta de avioes novamente e tudo.  8)
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E parece que o bom senso prevaleu

US trade panel sides with Bombardier in CSeries spat

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) has unanimously struck down tariffs imposed by the US Department of Commerce against Bombardier's CSeries, handing a major victory to the Montreal-based manufacturer and clearing the way for duty-free imports of CSeries aircraft.

The vote in favour of Bombardier by the ITC's four commissioners injects fresh life into Bombardier and its signature CSeries – an aircraft that in recent months faced an uncertain future thanks to a looming threat of a 292% import tariff.

The commission voted that Boeing suffered no harm from Bombardier's sale of CSeries.

The ITC has not yet disclosed the rationale behind the commissioners' votes; those details should be available by 9 February when the ITC sends a report to the Commerce Department.

"Today’s decision is a victory for innovation, competition, and the rule of law. It is also a victory for US airlines and the US traveling public," says Bombardier in a statement. "The CSeries is the most innovative and efficient new aircraft in a generation. Its development and production represent thousands of jobs in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom."

"With this matter behind us, we are moving full speed ahead with finalising our partnership with Airbus. Integration planning is going well and we look forward to delivering the CSeries to the US market so that US airlines and the US flying public can enjoy the many benefits of this remarkable aircraft," Bombardier adds.

“We are disappointed that the International Trade Commission did not recognise the harm that Boeing has suffered from the billions of dollars in illegal government subsidies that the Department of Commerce found Bombardier received and used to dump aircraft in the US," says Boeing in a statement. "Those violations have harmed the US aerospace industry, and we are feeling the effects of those unfair business practices in the market every day."

“While we disagree with the ITC’s conclusion today, we will review the commission’s more detailed opinions in full as they are released in the coming days," Boeing adds. “Boeing remains confident in the facts of our case and will continue to document any harm to Boeing and our extensive US supply chain that results from illegal subsidies and dumped pricing."

Boeing can appeal the ITC's vote to the US Court of International Trade in New York City; it can further appeal that decision to federal circuit, says an ITC spokesperson.

Many industry observers had expected the trade panel to rule against Bombardier. The ITC already determined that good reason existed to continue the investigation, and the Department of Commerce sided with Boeing last year, slapping 292% countervailing and anti-dumping import duties on CSeries.

But those duties would only take effect if the ITC found Boeing suffered harm, which it did not.

The vote caps an eight-month dispute that has encompassed not only Boeing and Bombardier, but also Airbus, Embraer and the governments of Canada and the UK.

The dispute kicked off in April 2017 when Boeing filed a trade petition with US officials, claiming a heavily-subsidised Bombardier dumped 75 CS100s at below-market rates in a sale to Delta in 2016. Deliveries were to begin in 2018.

"Delta is pleased by the ITC’s ruling rejecting Boeing’s anticompetitive attempt to deny US airlines and the US traveling public access to the state-of-the-art 110-seat CS100 aircraft when Boeing offers no viable alternative," Delta says in a statement.

Boeing's petition had said Bombardier was propped up by nearly $4.5 billion in government equity infusions, launch aid and other subsidies. It said Bombardier sold aircraft that cost $33.2 million each to produce to Delta for $19.6 million each, violating US trade laws.

That sale, and an allegedly lowball offer to United Airlines, harmed sales and sale prices of Boeing's competing 737-700 and 737 Max 7, Boeing said.

Bombardier has long denied the claims, insisting Boeing's price estimates are incorrect and saying all aircraft manufacturers offer discounted "launch" pricing to customers to account for risks taken when acquiring new aircraft types.

Bombardier's defense also rested heavily on the claim that its technologically-advanced CSeries, with about 110-seats, does not even compete with the 737-700 or 737 Max 7, which carry between 126 and 138 seats.

Bombardier has said it competes more closely with Embraer E-Jets.

The company had strong backing from the Canadian government and the government of the UK, home to a manufacturing site in Northern Ireland where Bombardier makes CSeries wings.

The dispute even led Canada to cancel an order for Boeing F/A-18 fighter jets, and the Canadian government earlier this month complained about US import tax practices with the World Trade Organisation.

Delta also backed Bombardier, saying Boeing offered no competitive product other than used E190s.


Boeing's April petition set in motion two concurrent investigations: one by the Commerce Department and one by the ITC.

The Commerce Department's job was to determine if Bombardier was unfairly subsidised and if it dumped aircraft in the USA, and to then assess import duties.

Commerce already came back positive on both counts, and last year slapped CSeries imports with 292% import duties.

Those duties, however, were dependent on an affirmative determination by the ITC, which was tasked with determining if US industry – namely Boeing – will suffer harm from CSeries imports.

Last October, as the investigatory processes slogged onward, Bombardier announced a potential workaround: a plan to transfer majority CSeries ownership to Airbus and to open a CSeries final assembly site in Alabama.

Though the deal would delay CS100 deliveries to Delta, Bombardier and Airbus said their agreement, still to be finalised in the second half of 2018, would free the CSeries from the threat of import duties.

Airbus described the deal as a means to become more competitive in the 100- to 150-seat aircraft segment. The company's chief executive Tom Enders implied Airbus intends to stop production of A319s once it acquires CSeries.

In December 2017, the CSeries dispute took a new turn when Boeing and Embraer announced that they were studying a potential combination, which would likely involve Embraer's E-Jet programme. Embraer, which is also lobbying for action at the World Trade Organization against what it alleges to be unfair state subsidies for the CSeries, had welcomed the US Commerce Department's recommendations for tariffs on CSeries imports.

Bombardier and some industry observers view the Embraer-Boeing talks as a sign that Boeing feels threatened by an Airbus-controlled CSeries and sees E-Jets as more competitive in the 100- to 150-seat aircraft market – a position Bombardier has argued all along.

But Boeing insists it has long had interest in commercial ties with Embraer, and Boeing chief executive Dennis Muilenburg recently told The Seattle Times that the Airbus-Bombardier deal did "not at all" trigger Boeing's recent talks with the Brazilian manufacturer.

Boeing also disputes the notion that CSeries assembled in the USA will be free of import taxes, insisting components imported to produce US-assembled CSeries would be subject to the tax.



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Após compra pela Airbus, Bombardier CSeries irá se tornar Airbus A200

A Airbus tem planos para expandir a sua participação no projeto C Series da Bombardier,como reportamos em primeira mão em outubro do ano passado, seguindo uma dica do jornalista Jon Ostrower.

Porém agora os planos estão mais concretos, a fabricante que atualmente possui 50% no projeto após um investimento de mais de $6 bilhões de dólares deverá acabar com a marca CSeries, transformando o nome dos jatos em A210 e A230, respectivamente para o CS100 e CS300.

A série chamada de “A200” é a primeira designação da Airbus fora da série A300 que inclui o A300, A310, A318/19/20/21, A330, A340, A350 e A380. Apesar da nova designação ainda não estar 100% confirmada, é certo que a marca atual será retirada.

Um dos motivos da Airbus ter comprado a CSeries é ter um portifólio maior de aeronaves, podendo oferecer desde jatos regionais de 110 passageiros até 800 passageiros com o gigante A380. Desta maneira oferecendo descontos atrativos para clientes que levarem uma gama maior de aeronaves.

A nova marca dos jatos regionais irá ajudar na inserção do produto no mercado europeu, a mudança definitiva será anunciada após a conclusão final da compra do projeto CSeries, que está sob análise de orgãos reguladores. O anúncio deverá ser feito a tempo da feira de Farnborough, a mais importante do ano e segunda maior do setor, atrás do Paris Air Show – Salão de Le Bourget.

Outro motivo para a designação A200 seria a possibilidade de desenvolver novas versões no futuro, inclusive para competir com o Embraer E175 no mercado americano, que possui 75 assentos e está dentro do permitido de 76 assentos pelo convenção coletiva que rege a aviação regional americana.

Informações pela Bloomberg
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magnifico hoje no the guardian
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A Airbus vai divulgar dia 10 Julho em Toulouse a nova designação do CS100 e CS300, estando já um CS300 já em pintura em East Midlands

Airbus revelará nova identidade do CSeries na próxima semana

A Airbus irá revelar a nova identidade dos jatos regionais CSeries no próximo dia 10, em sua base na cidade francesa de Toulouse. A fabricante européia anunciou na manhã do dia 06 que “está orgulhosa de revelar o mais novo membro da família de corredor único”.

A empresa também anunciou que a aeronave, um CS300, irá pousar em Toulouse já com a nova pintura. Fontes na Airbus consultadas pelo AeroIN revelaram que a aeronave em questão é o oitavo CSeries produzido, que tem o número de série 55002 e voou da sua base em Wichita, no estado americano do Kansas, para o aeroporto de East Midlands, na Inglaterra, para pintura conforme fotos de Darren James.

De lá, o CS300 irá seguir para Toulouse para um grande evento para imprensa e convidados. O modelo menor, CS100, não estará presente no evento, mas terá sua nova pintura e identidade revelada. O mesmo avião que será apresentado no dia 10 seguirá para a feira de Farnborough, que começa seis dias depois.

A Airbus comprou, no ano passado, 51% do projeto CSeries da Bombardier, participação que chegou a sua totalidade e hoje é um projeto totalmente da Airbus. Rumores no final de abril apontavam que o CSeries seria renomeado para Airbus A210 e A230.


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    • Instagram das minhas fotos de Plane Spotting


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  • You are not in Kansas anymore!...
Mais algumas imagens do A220-300!

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  • You are not in Kansas anymore!...
Agora do interior...


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    • myflightradar 24
Configuração de assentos é 2-3?
Engenharia Aerospacial


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Sim, o standard é assim.
E o lugar do meio na parte onde tem 3 assentos é mais largos que os restantes para "compensar" o facto de ser um lugar do meio.


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  • You are not in Kansas anymore!...
Aqui está a prova dos nove...

New Engine Option

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Avião muito jeitoso esse...


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    • Instagram das minhas fotos de Plane Spotting
Sem duvida, já viajei num CS100 (ou A220-100) da Swiss num GVA-LHR, fiquei admirado com o espaço/comforto (e estava sentado na ultima fila), com as janelas enormes e pelo o níveis de barulho reduzidos graças aos PW1000G.

Espero que isto seja uma bom passo para as duas companhias e que de um impulso a venda deste modelo.


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