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A Norwegian parece que esta a ganhar juizo: acabou de vender a Norwegian Argentina.
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A Lufthansa e a Ferrovie delo Stato (FS) de Itália desistiram de formar o consórcio que podia salvar a Alitalia que tem a previsão de até 31 Maio para arranjar os investidores


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Flybe está outra vez prestes a colapsar-

According to Sky News, Flybe, which has already been bailed out once, has been struggling to secure fresh finance.

But the airline said: "We don't comment on rumour or speculation."

It said it was focusing on "providing great service and connectivity for our customers, to ensure that they can continue to travel as planned".

The reports come a year after Flybe was bought for £2.2m by a consortium including Virgin Atlantic and Stobart Group.

Since then, the consortium has invested tens of millions of pounds in the troubled carrier, but losses have continued to mount.

Tourism adviser and researcher Prof Annette Pritchard, of the Welsh Centre for Tourism Research in Cardiff, commented on Twitter that Flybe provided "a vital social and cultural link for many marginal economies".

Based in Exeter, Flybe carries about eight million passengers a year from airports such as Southampton, Cardiff and Aberdeen, to the UK and Europe.

Its network of routes includes more than half of UK domestic flights outside London.

If the business collapses, more than 2,000 jobs are likely to go.

Union 'appalled'
The report on Sky News said EY had been lined up as administrators if Flybe were to go under. The BBC has approached EY for comment.

Brian Strutton, general secretary of pilots' union Balpa, said: "I am appalled that once again the future of a major UK airline and hundreds of jobs is being discussed in secret with no input from employees or their representatives.

"According to reports, the airline could have collapsed over the weekend, which would have been devastating news."

Mr Strutton called on Flybe's owners and the government to talk to the union, saying staff had a right to know what was going on.

Prof Loizos Heracleous, an aviation industry expert from Warwick Business School, said it would be "no easy task" for Flybe to attract new finance.

He added: "The aviation industry is an unattractive industry in terms of performance and returns on investment at the best of times.

"It is saddled with high-cost assets, namely planes, and key costs that fluctuate uncontrollably, mainly fuel, which accounts for around a third of total airline costs.

"On top of that, they face high regulation, often aggressive unions, low barriers to entry that increase competition, and high bargaining power of buyers.
Ben Bradshaw, Labour MP for Exeter, said Flybe provided "valuable connectivity throughout the UK" and called on the government to intervene.

He added: "Brexit and the way the government's aviation taxes hit a regional airline like Flybe have been a double whammy for the company and I would expect the government to work closely with its management to secure the future of such a strategically important business."


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Já agora, não sei se foi mencionado antes, mas a Ernest está para ter o seu AOC revogado...

(comunicado da ANAC italiana - ENAC)
A388 / A321(321/32B) / A320(320/32A) / A319 / A318 / A223 / B773(77W) / B738(73H) / B737(73G/73W)
E195 / E190 / E145 / CRJK(X) / CRJ9 / F100 / RJ85 / AT76 / DH8D(NG)
TP / AF / KL / LH / LX / BA / OS / TK / SK / ZI / TO / FR / U2 / EW / A5 / C9 / D8 / UX / EK / V7 / 0B / SN / DY


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Já agora, não sei se foi mencionado antes, mas a Ernest está para ter o seu AOC revogado...

(comunicado da ANAC italiana - ENAC)

Já no site da empresa:

Dear Passengers,

Ernest Airlines temporarily suspends flights starting January 11th 2020.

All passengers on canceled flights can request a full refund of their ticket by filling in the appropriate form or by writing to or and contacting our Call Center:
(IT) +39 02 897 30 660;
(AL) +355 044 810 810;
(UA) +380 44 594 5838.

We are truly sorry for this enormous inconvenience.

Regarding the suspension provision:

Following the provision of the National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) of 29 December 2019 regarding the temporary suspension of our operating license, we find ourselves unable to operate flights as of 11.01.2020.
We therefore ask all our passengers not to go to the airport.

We have done everything possible to be able to operate and guarantee as many of our flights as possible during the holiday period, and to assist passengers who have traveled or had to fly with us during these two weeks and who have unfortunately suffered delays or cancellations. Unfortunately, the provision released on 29.12.2019, resulted in a series of events, which caused various blockages and difficulties to our operations.

The license can be restored following the demonstration by Ernest S.p.A. to be in possession of the requirements prescribed by the current legislation on the matter and to obtain the revocation of the provision issued by ENAC.
We have activated all the actions aimed at obtaining the revocation of the same provision, and we need time to provide all the necessary evidence as per Regulation (EC) n.1008 of 2008 to demonstrate our financial sustainability necessary for the resumption of our operations.

We know that nor a simple apology, or just the reimbursement of the ticket, will be enough to remedy the problems caused, but I can assure you, that we all at Ernest Airlines are doing our best to assist all our passengers that have experienced delays or cancellations in this difficult moment. We apologize again for any inconvenience we may have caused.

Ernest and team



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A Norwegian se se aguentar no Verao de 2020 e 2021, depois vende os slots que ganhou em Heathrow e ja se safa mais uns tempos.  ;D

Entretanto, parece que a Norwegian devolveu os slots..
Norwegian’s Head of Strategic Capacity & Slot Control has advised that the airline is returning the slots to the airport:

We would like to thank both ACL and Heathrow for granting Norwegian three slots for the Summer 2020 schedule. After careful consideration, which took into account the current fleet pressures placed on the airline by well documented issues with a specific Rolls Royce Trent engine type and the continued grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, we have decided to return the slots as they do not fit into our network plan at this current time. As the airline moves from a strategy of growth to profitability, we look forward to having future discussions with ACL and Heathrow.
One Mile At a Time


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    • Vivo atualmente em Nairóbi. E gosto de seguir assuntos de aviação


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    • Vivo atualmente em Nairóbi. E gosto de seguir assuntos de aviação
E já que estamos na África Austral, a Air Namibia também está com uns problemas, que levaram por exemplo a:


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    • Vivo atualmente em Nairóbi. E gosto de seguir assuntos de aviação
A TAAG parece estar a sair bem destas dificuldades dos vizinhos (pois ficará sozinha na linha para a capital da Namíbia), e ainda a incluir na sua frota dois B737 da Sonair, que deixa a parte comercial de transporte de passageiros entre cidades angolanas para se concentrar nos seus voos específicos para o pessoal dos petróleos (a Sonair pertence à Sonangol):

A TAAG comprou em meados de 2019 Dash 8 que são mais adequados à rede doméstica:


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Parece que a Air Italy esta para dar o badagaio tambem.

EDIT meia hora depois: acabou de fechar o tasco. A operacao propria acabou hoje, vao fazer wet leases durante as duas proximas semanas para escoar os passageiros ja com bilhete:
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Air Italy suspends all operations and starts liquidation!

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