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Norwegian Air to end long-haul flights, focus on Europe

Low-cost carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle says it will now focus on European destinations and close its long-haul operation as it struggles with the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic

ByThe Associated Press

‎14‎ ‎January‎ ‎2021‎ ‎11‎:‎46

COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- Low-cost carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle said Thursday it will focus on European destinations and close its long-haul operations as it struggles with the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic and debt restructuring.

The airline said it will “focus on its core Nordics business, operating a European short haul network with narrow body aircraft. Under these circumstances a long-haul operation is not viable for Norwegian and these operations will therefore not continue.”

The plan affects its flights to the United States and means it will cut its fleet from 140 aircraft to about 50.

Norwegian also wants to reduce its total debt to around 20 billion kroner ($2.36 billion), and plans to raise 4-5 billion kroner ($473 million-590 million) in new capital, including through a rights issue and a private placement of shares. The plan must be approved by an Irish bankruptcy court.

Like other airlines, its fleet is now mostly grounded as the pandemic has caused a near-total halt to global travel.

In November, Norwegian said it was seeking restructuring and bankruptcy protection in Ireland, where its fleet is held, saying it was in the interest of its stakeholders.

Earlier that month, the Oslo-based company said it was facing a “very uncertain” future after the Norwegian government turned down its request for additional financial support. The government said that the airline had been struggling financially even before the pandemic and that aid should be targeted first at healthy businesses.

After that, Norwegian announced it had to lay off another 1,600 staff and ground 15 of the 21 planes it had been flying with.

In May, the carrier got 3 billion kroner ($354 million) in loan guarantees from the government as part of its restructuring plan. But the second call for aid was turned down on Nov. 9.



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Não me admirava depois de uma boa reestruturação e começo de lucros la para 2025 que a TAP (grupo) com uma frota muito mais nova e eficiente viesse a comprar companhias como a Iberia Aer Lingus Vueling etc já que o IAG não pode continuar dado o UK ter saído da UE. Essas companhias mais pequenas sozinhas não sobrevivem e a consolidação cada vez mais vai acontecer, até o Michael O’Leary disse isso e basta ver no EUA

Está a falar a sério?


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Este nosso colega domina tanto do assunto que nem sabe que a IAG é uma empresa espanhola. :)
A TAP comprar a Iberia era como o Zé dos Leitoes comprar a McDonald's.


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Este empréstimo a BA de 2.2 milhões e igual ao da Lufthansa/air france ou trata se de algo diferente por não ser feito diretamemte pelo estado?

Alguém sabe se é para todo o grupo IAG (Iberia Aer Lingus Vueling) ou apenas para a BA especificamente?


Isto não é um empréstimo, é um aval.
É só para a BA.


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Thomas Cook Balearics calls it quits and will dissolve

31 January 2021 . 1 min read

Thomas Cook Aviation Balearics chairman, Alvaro Middelmann, has informed the carrier's 90 employees about the dissolution of the company due to the lack of liquidity and poor future prospects in the aviation sector.

The carrier will give up on its plans to restart operation as it was unable to secure funds in the short-term from its new investors, PANAF, which led to the decision to dissolve the airline.

The Palma-based company has a fleet of two  A320-200s.



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E mais têm de se juntar, não há milagres.
Muitas estão a ficar enterradas em dívidas e quando chegar a altura de pagar e as receitas não bastarem vão ao charco...


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E com algumas proibições de voos tipo Reino Unido para x paises, ainda vai rebentar mais algumas


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Assim que os estados tiverem de liquidar o monstro de dívida que estamos a criar ... Medo....


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Isto vai ser complicado do ponto de vista financeiro, sim... Mas, por hora há os planos de vacinação e etc. para gerir... Depois vai-se tratando do resto...


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Uma das que tive o privilégio de voar algumas vezes.


Air Namibia ceases operations, gov't to announce liquidation

10.02.2021 - 22:51 UTC

Air Namibia (SW, Windhoek Int'l) has announced the cancellation of all its operations, effective February 11, as the country’s government is poised to announce its flag carrier's voluntary liquidation.

In a late-night notice on social media, the 75-year-old airline announced that all its aircraft would be grounded. Its reservations system was suspended with no new bookings being accepted from February 11, 2021. Passengers have been advised to register claims for refunds.

Air Namibia spokesperson Twaku Kayofa told ch-aviation the government was expected to make an announcement on February 11 to explain its decision.

Kayofa confirmed that trade union representatives had informed the company’s 636 employees on February 10 that they would receive an ex gratia pay-out equal to 12 months of salary, but no benefits.

The government, the airline’s executive, and unions are to meet on Thursday to discuss the liquidation's finer details. Cabinet has already approved the voluntary liquidation of the airline with a three-person board of directors now appointed to prevent the airline’s assets from being attached in case of failure to pay creditor Challengair (1I, Brussels National) its first instalment next week.

According to the Namibian Sun newspaper, the board includes lawyer Norman Tjombe, businesswoman Hilda Basson-Namundjebo, and economist James Cumming who will collectively assist interim CEO Theo Mberirua in running the company.

The decision to shutter the 75-year-old carrier follows the airline’s board's resignation on February 3, after the government did not oppose an application in the Namibian High Court to have the airline liquidated. The application was made by the estate of former Belgian operator Challengair over outstanding payments on legacy debt of 1998 concerning the lease of a B767-300(ER). Lawyers representing both parties reached an 11th-hour out-of-court settlement on January 28 for EUR9.9 million (USD11.9 million), but without the government's apparent support, who said it could not afford to bail out the airline, nor had it managed to find it a strategic equity partner. The first installment of EUR5 million (USD6 million) on the settlement was due on February 18. Kayofa told ch-aviation Challengair would join the list of creditors following liquidation.

Finance Minister Ipumbu Shiimi earlier said a turnaround plan for the cash-stricken flag carrier would cost taxpayers significantly more than NAD7 billion Namibian dollars (USD461.6 million), after already spending NAD8.4 billion (USD554 million) in the past 10 years to bail out the airline. He said Air Namibia had been loss-making since its inception, plagued by a flawed business model that rendered 15 out of its 19 routes unprofitable. A combination of the types of aircraft, routes, high employee numbers, and other structural inefficiencies had contributed to the financial distress of the company.

At the time of its collapse, Air Namibia's fleet entailed four A319-100s (of which two are owned and two are leased from Deucalion Aviation Funds), two A330-200s (both leased from Castlelake), four EMB-135ERs (financially leased from HOP! (A5, Paris Orly) but unencumbered since October 2020), and one inactive B737-500 (owned). The Namibian government has been in contact with the lessors, Kayofa said.



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