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An aviation disaster was averted when the rear tyre of an Air India flight burst upon landing on Saturday.

The Male-Chennai flight, travelling via Thiruvananthapuram, was safe and all 152 passengers and crew on board escaped unhurt in the incident.

This is the third such incident for the Indian state-run carrier in less than three weeks, with a similar incident occurring during an Ahmedabad-New Delhi flight in July, along with a New Delhi-Allahabad flight in August.

In a statement to the Economic Times, Airport Acting Director Shibu Rebort was quoted as saying that two tyres in the right side of the Airbus-320 burst while landing but it did not cause spark or any damage to the aircraft.

He said the tyre burst could be caused either by landing problems or variation of pressure in the tyres, which would be known after a technical examination.

The runway remained closed for 1.20 hours during which the aircraft was pulled towards the exit taxiway.

The incident had been reported to the Director General of Civil Aviation, he said.

A previous mishap, on July 25, saw 45 Ahmedabad-bound passengers narrowly escaping after two tyres of Air India flight AI130 burst while landing at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport.

The flight had left Delhi at 8.30pm and reached Ahmedabad at 10.10pm. All passengers escaped safely.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, passengers on board an AL Delhi-Allahabad flight had a close shave when once again, one of the plane’s tyres burst while it was taxiing on the tarmac.

All 86 passengers and crew on board escaped again with no injuries.

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